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Product Inclusions

Here is a list of standard inclusions that we supply with all of our carport kits. We also offer many other alternatives, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Product inclusions & options

Here’s a list of what’s included in our Carport kits and information on product options.

Roof Sheet options: 

The Sunset patio deck roof sheeting is excellent for larger spans and provides a gloss-painted finish on both sides, making it a perfect choice for a higher-end finish. Or you can choose from standard Colorbond sheeting, available in two different profiles, including Monoclad or Corrugated sheeting options. 

Gutters & Downpipes

Carports come with standard M-line guttering, with other options available on request. Your carport order will also include downpipes, of which there are two options; a 75mm x 50mm all-colour pipe or a 90mm PVC which is standard on all orders and is much easier to install. 

Steel Beams & Structural components

We use Stramit’s painted Sunset Beams for rafters, bearers and roof purlins, which come in three sizes: 100mm x 50mm, 150mm x 50mm and 200mm x 50mm. Your structural components will be delivered to you pre-cut to the correct length for your order. 

Posts & Columns

We use 90mm x 90mm steel Steel hollow sections (SHS) posts for columns for all orders, with alternative sizes available on request. Our columns are available in a range of colours to match your surroundings. 

Footing Options

We offer two footing options when securing your Carport to the ground. 

You can bolt your columns to the ground using a base plate and bolts or cast the posts into the ground. By embedding the posts into an 800mm bored footing, we provide an additional 600mm of post length for you to cement.

Brackets & Fasteners

We provide brackets for all connection points connected using specifically designed brackets the same colour as your beams, rafters and posts. The bracket connections are secured using bolts or tek-screws with all fasteners supplied as part of your order. 

Can I choose a roof profile?

You can choose from various roof sheeting options. Our most common roof sheeting is the Stramit Sunset decking, which can span further without additional support bearers. The sunset decking is available in limited colour options. However, you can choose from standard Colorbond® sheeting in both corrugated and Monoclad options, available in all of Colorbond’s range of 22 colours. We can also provide a double-sided Colorbond® with colour on both sides.

Can I choose colours?

You can choose colours for your columns, rafters, bearers and structural components. You can also choose various colours for roof sheeting, gutters, downpipes and flashings. You can mix and match your colours to blend in with your surroundings. For advice on how to select your colours, or to learn what colours are available please contact our sales team

Are engineering documents included?

Your carport will be supplied with all relevant plans and engineering and a certificate of compliance for your council approval process. Your plans will include all measurements and connection details to assist with your installation. Additionally, you will be provided with a detailed construction guide to assist with your installation.

Can I have skylights?

We can provide skylights with your carport kit, which can be either opal or clear translucent sheeting. There are the same profile as your selected roofing profile and are installed as you would typically install the roof sheets.

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Genuine Australian Colorbond®

For over 50 years, Colorbond® has been testing the colours and technical specifications of its products which is why only Genuine Colorbond® is used on our carports for roof sheeting, guttering and flashings.

Colorbond® offers 22 standard colours, all of which are available to order with your new carport. See the link below to choose your colours and learn more about the Colorbond® product.

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Need more information?

Find out more about what is included and what is an optional extra. Contact us to discuss your carport kit today!