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Allcover Carports Sydney

Hello and welcome to Allcover Carports, where we provide Australia’s best carport kits for Sydney and Greater NSW.

Carports Sydney

Enhance the appearance of your Sydney driveway by installing a brand-new carport made of high-quality Australian steel. Choose a roof style that complements both your home and the surrounding area.

If you’re interested in purchasing a carport kit, you can put your DIY skills to use and take on the project yourself. Luckily, we have a great selection of carports styles available that are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

We can customize your design to meet your specific size and style preferences. We can adjust the measurements, including width and length, as well as modify the roof pitch and offer a range of optional upgrades and colour choices.

Select theroof style of your carport kit and customise to your preference

View our range of Carports.

Choose from various roof styles that can easily be customised to suit your home or project.

Click here to see a list of inclusions and options for our carport kits.

Inclusions and Options.

Click here to view a list of standard inclusions and optional upgrades or customisations.

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Australia made Steel.

Allcover Carports use Australian-made steel, including genuine Colorbond® and BlueScope Steel.

Why Choose Allcover Carports – Sydney

There are many reasons to choose Allcover Carports; here are a few:

Our steel products are proudly made in Australia and come with a DIY construction option that is easy to build. We guarantee a complete kit supply, all locally manufactured. We offer free or discounted delivery to the Sydney area and most parts of greater NSW. We offer flexible design options that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Certified Designs

Our carports are equipped with certified engineering and a certificate of compliance, making the council approval process fast and easy. With certified engineering, you can be assured that a structural engineer has approved your carport kit, giving you peace of mind about structural integrity.

Choosing the Right Roof Style.

We offer carports with a variety of roof styles including Hip, Dutch Gable, straight Gable, and Skillion Flat roofs. You can customize the dimensions, roof pitch, and post locations to match your home’s style and surroundings perfectly. We are confident that our carports will provide you with the flexibility to create a perfect solution that meets your specific needs.

Australian Steel

Get high-quality steel roofing, flashings, fascia, and guttering made from 100% BlueScope and Colorbond materials. Our products are locally manufactured in Australia and come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Choose from a range of beautiful colours for a sleek look for your driveway.

Easy to Build – DIY

Assembling our carports is a breeze, thanks to pre-cut components and all necessary connection brackets and nuts, bolts, screws and pop-rivets included in your kit. You have two options for securing your carport to the ground – directly bolting your posts onto a concrete slab or cementing your column or post into the ground.

Sydney Delivery Zone

Locally manufactured in Sydney.

Allcover Carports partners with Stramit Corporation, located at 33-83 Quarry Rd, Erskine Park NSW 2759, to manufacture all of our carports for Sydney and greater NSW.

If you are located within a 1-2 hour drive from us, you may be eligible for free or discounted delivery. To get a clear understanding of the delivery fee, it is essential to speak with one of our sales consultants.

Explore our range

To ensure the perfect carport for your property, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess all options, including roof styles and sizes. Click the button below to browse our diverse selection and find the best fit for your property. Don’t settle for anything less than the ideal carport for your needs.

What’s included in my carport kit?

When choosing Allcover Carports as your supplier, you can rest assured that your carport kit will come equipped with all the necessary components for your project. The kit includes beams, rafters, brackets, nuts, screws, bolts, roof sheeting, guttering, facial flashings, posts, and any optional upgrades you may have selected. For more information on what’s included in the kit, click here.

How long does it take to deliver?

After you have placed your order, it usually takes about four to five weeks for delivery. Some customers in rural areas may experience a longer wait due to an extra delivery stop from our main manufacturing facility in Sydney. However, most deliveries are completed within the expected time frame.

Does it arrive in a flat pack?

Your order will come with a flat-packed carport kit that includes all the necessary components. Your fasteners, including nuts, bolts, and screws, will arrive separately before your primary delivery.

Do you provide instructions?

We offer detailed guidance on constructing your couple kit, including a general construction guide, elevation drawings, and engineering plans tailored to the carport you have purchased.

Can I offset my posts so they are not directly in the corners?

In most cases, it is possible to offset the posts from the front to the rear. The extent of the offset will depend on the direction and distance of the compensation required. For our skillion roofs, you can bring your post back up to a maximum distance of 600mm from the corner.

What colour options are available?

There is a variety of 22 Colourbond colours available for your roof sheets, trimmings, and guttering, all of which come with matching coloured screw heads. You have the option to choose from Classic Cream, Dune, Paperbark, Monument, Galvanised, and Thredbo white for your beams and posts.

How do I place an order?

In order to place an order, we require a site-specific quote based on your requirements, sizes, and location. This quote will determine your preferred colours, footing options, post height, and carport dimensions. If you are satisfied with the design, please notify us via phone and we will send you the necessary order documents via email. Once you have returned the order documents and made your payment, we will send your order into production and schedule a delivery date. The process is quick and easy, and your carport will arrive within four to five weeks of your order approval.

Need help?

Please click on the button below to send us an email we will get back to you with a quote that includes pricing and a design layout. We look forward to hearing from you.