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AllCover Carports Brisbane

Buy high-quality steel carport kits for your Brisbane home from Allcover Carports.

Carports Brisbane

Welcome to Allcover Carports Brisbane. Allcover Carports are Australia’s #1 for high-quality, Australian-made, easy & fast-to-build steel carport kits.

If you love home renovation or DIY projects or are a committed owner-builder who wants to build a carport for your Brisbane home, we have a variety of options to help you out. Our company offers authentic, high-quality Colorbond and BlueScope steel DIY carport kits.

We collaborate with you to ensure accurate measurements and select the appropriate roof style and design. We then manufacture a complete and comprehensive kit and deliver it to your Brisbane residence. Choose from various sizes, designs, and styles to find your ideal Allcover Carport. Our selection includes Dutch Gable, Hip Roof, Straight Gable, and Skillion roof options, all packaged in convenient kits and delivered straight to you for easy installation.

Select theroof style of your carport kit and customise to your preference

View our range of Carports.

Choose from various roof styles that can easily be customised to suit your home or project.

Click here to see a list of inclusions and options for our carport kits.

Inclusions and Options.

Click here to view a list of standard inclusions and optional upgrades or customisations.

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Australia made Steel.

Allcover Carports use Australian-made steel, including genuine Colorbond® and BlueScope Steel.

Why Choose Allcover Carports – Brisbane

There are many reasons to choose Allcover Carports; here are a few:

Our steel products are proudly made in Australia and come in a wide range of styles and options. Our items are locally manufactured in Brisbane, and we offer free or discounted delivery. Our designs are flexible, making them easy to customize to your needs. Additionally, we strive to make doing business with us simple and hassle-free.

Certified Designs

Our carport kits include certified engineering plans, form 15, architectural drawings, and footing layouts, all designed to assist with a fast and easy council approval process. Additionally, a construction guide is provided to help the installer easily identify parts and connection processes for a smooth installation.

Choosing the Right Roof Style.

When considering a carport for your Brisbane residence, it’s important to consider the roof type and design of your home or nearby structures where it will be installed. We offer two standard procedures: the Skillion and Gable roof designs, which can be customized to match your Brisbane property’s appearance. Furthermore, we have a Dutch Gable style and hip roof design available.


We provide bolt-down footing brackets to enable direct bolting onto concrete, alternatively, we supply an additional 600mm on your post that is to be cemented into the ground.

Australian Steel – Easy to Build.

Allcover Carports uses only 100% BlueScope steel and Australian-made Colorbond for our carport kits. This guarantees high-quality standards and a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 20 years. Our kits are designed for easy construction using a bracketed system for sturdy connections and simple assembly.

Brisbane & South East QLD Delivery Zone

Locally manufactured in Brisbane

Allcover Carports partners with Stramit Corporation, located at 57-71 Platinum St, Crestmead / Brisbane, QLD 4132, to manufacture all of our carports for the Brisbane region and South East QLD.

Brisbane and South East QLD customers within a 2hr drive from here may be eligible for free or discounted delivery.

Explore our range

To make the best decision for your property’s carport, don’t overlook the importance of considering all available options, including roof styles and sizes. Take charge and explore our diverse range of choices by clicking the button below to find the perfect fit for you..

Attached Carports Brisbane
Gable Carports Brisbane

What is the delivery lead time?

Your carport will be delivered 4-5 weeks after your order is placed. We’ll notify you of the delivery date in the first week after your order is received.

Can I make the roof stronger for solar panels?

It is possible to enhance the dead load capacity of the roof structure, which will allow it to support the extra weight of solar panels without any structural issues.

Do I need council approval?

If you’re planning to build a carport in a residential area, you’ll likely need council approval. To begin this process, reach out to either the Brisbane City Council or your local council authority if you live outside Brisbane. They can provide you with the necessary information to get started. A simple phone call to the council is often all it takes to obtain the required details for your planning process.

What colours are available?

When selecting materials for your roof sheets, facial and guttering, you have the option to choose from 22 different Colorbond colours. Additionally, your beams and posts can also be coloured, but the options are limited to Classic Cream, Paper Bark, Woodland Grey, Dune and White.

I can’t find what I’m looking for, can you design something for me?

If you have a specific idea in mind but can’t find what you’re looking for, we recommend creating a sketch with measurements of your planned build. You can then send it to us for review. If the design is feasible, we’ll let you know and provide you with a quote.

Need help?

Please click on the button below to send us an email we will get back to you with a quote that includes pricing and a design layout. We look forward to hearing from you.