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Carports and Carport Kits

Carport Kits Australia

Buy high-quality Australian-made carports in various roof styles at Australia’s best online prices!

Australian Steel Carport Kits.

We have various carport options that can suit almost any home application. We can even customise the size to fit your specific requirements.

A pre-fab kit option provides a cost-effective way to add shade and shelter to your home without hiring a builder to construct it from scratch. With this solution, you can achieve the desired look within your budget and manage the installation process independently.

Allcover offers a range of Australian-made steel DIY kits designed to be easy, fast to install, and robust in strength with quality painted products for longevity and attractiveness from all angles.

We offer various roof styles, including our hip roof, Dutch gable, gable roof, and skillion roof designs. We also offer different standard sizes and can alter the measurements to suit your requirements.

We can service almost all locations Australia-wide, including QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, WA and SA. Please get in touch to see if your site is eligible for our free or discounted delivery service.

Our kits are made from all Australian Steel, including Australia’s own BlueScope steel and genuine Colorbond.

What is a carport kit?

Construction of a carport can be daunting. However, with the use of a kit, the process becomes more manageable. This kit is equipped with all the components required for the construction, including posts, roof sheets, beams, brackets, and bolts, all carefully packaged in a flat pack. With these materials readily available, constructing yourself becomes a hassle-free process.

How much do carport kits cost?

The cost of a carport kit can range from $3,250 for a basic single size to $6,000 for a more premium double-size model. The price can vary depending on what is included in the kit and the roof style. The cheapest type is a metal frame skillion roof, while a Dutch gable roof is the cheapest. The on-a-pitch gable and hip roof fall in the middle range. On average, you can expect to pay around $5,500 for a double-size kit.

Is buying a carport kit cheaper than having it built by a professional?

Constructing your carport by buying a pre-designed kit and assembling it independently can greatly reduce your installation expenses. Typically, the installation cost is nearly equal to the price of the steel kit materials, which means you can save significant money each time. Professional tradespeople usually charge around $1,200 per day for a team of two, and for a double size, they may need to work on-site for two to three days, leading to costs ranging from $2,000 to $4,000.

Do I need council permission to build a carport?

Before installing a carport, you should ask your local council for approval. They will guide building requirements, including how close you can build to boundary lines and your house. It’s best to call and provide a site plan for the proposed installation to obtain approval. Based on this, the council will advise whether you can proceed with your project. If they give the green light, you can order plans and submit a formal application for approval. After your application is approved, you can then proceed with building. Here are some helpful links; NSW Council approval and QLD Council approval.

Hip Roof Carports

Our Hip Roof Carports are a favourite that looks fantastic from every angle. They have a simple-to-construct design with many application options. The Hip Roof can also be used as patio, or outdoor entertaining area, which makes it one of the most popular roof styles on today’s market. Our expert design team cleverly designed it with a simple rafter layout that makes it easy to construct yet robust and attractive. It is available in an extensive range of sizes and delivered as a complete kit.

Gable Roof Carports

Our Gable roof carports are a simple yet effective way to add shelter and shade to your vehicles without overcomplicating things. The Gable roof is simple in design, easy and fast to construct, and offers an attractive professional finish with a classic design that will complement any property. The gable roof is the most popular design in the Australian home improvement market as it is well-priced, attractive, simple and fast to install. It offers a pitched roof that looks great in any application and is a great way to improve your home or protect your cars from Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Gable Roof Carports
Large Gable Carport
Gable Roof Carport Kits with end infills
Gable Roof Carport Kits with open ends
Dutch Gable Carport Kits

Dutch Gable Carports

Our Dutch Gable carports are the most elegant and stylish design, giving a simple roof a unique and up-market appearance. Our expert design team has designed a stunning, robust, easy-install Dutch gable kit solution. The Dutch Gable design comes in all Australian-made steel, including coloured posts and coloured structural frames; this design is, without a doubt, a step above the rest. Available in an extensive range of sizes and delivered as a complete kit. Contact us to learn more and get your free quote today.

Skillion Carports

Our Skillion roof is the same as our flat-roof carports, designed by our expert team to have a gentle slope for water run-off. If you are after a pre-fab kit that is cheaper than the rest, simple, easy and fast to build, the Skillion Roof could be your best solution. Available as an easy-install kit solution with all nuts, bolts, screws and everything you need to make your new roof cover You can choose from galvanised or coloured steel for your most economical use or a full-colour portion with coloured beams and posts. They are designed for the best value and are available in various custom sizes and colours an delivered as a complete kit.

Skillion Carport Showing Gutter
Skillion Carport showing Colorbond Downpipe
Skillion Roof Carport Installed
Attached-Carport Kits by Allcover Carports

Attached Carports

Attach your carport to the facia of your house, a brick wall, or a shed. Using a receiver channel system to connect to your home is a simple, effective and robust attachment method. You can choose from various attached roof style designs, sizes, roof styles and attachment methods. Your attached roof kit will come with all Australian steel and be available in an entirely coloured structure, including beams, rafters, brackets and posts. Allcover will have the right solution for you.