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Hip-roof-carport Kit

Hip Roof Carports

Buy high-quality Hip Roof Carport Kits from Allcover Carports and choose from various sizes and design options.


Hip Roof Carports

Are you searching for a hip roof carport made from high-quality Australian steel, easy to build with a simple construction method, and looks fantastic from every angle?

Then we have the perfect solution for you. A Hip roof Carport is a roof style with a gentle appearance that can offer a modern and unique appearance to any property. 

Our Hip roof carports are designed to suit many different size options with various style options, including colour options, roof sheeting options, footing options and much more. 

What makes a hip roof carport different?

The Hip Roof is a roof design with hip rafters at each end that meet in the centre of a ridge beam; the ridge beam can extend in to take 1/3rd of the total roof length whilst allowing the hip ends to take 1/3rd of the roof length.

This is a typical scenario and may vary based on the measurements of the total length and width of the roof. The hip roof is often used in suburban areas as it allows for a softer appearance that can blend nicely into the surroundings.

A hipped Roof on a carport at the front of a home can be a great way to dress up the driveway without going over-styling, yet still an elegant touch compared to traditional basic roof designs. To learn more about the history of the hip roof design see this link.

Will it be easy to Install?

The most challenging part of building the hip roof carports is setting the posts out and getting them square and plumb. This can be challenging for most people, we offer a bolt-down bracket solution for this reason.

The bolt-down bracket is a sleeve bracket that fixes to the concrete with 4 x screw bolts with a sleeve that you can slide your 90mm square post straight over the top and screw in to secure. For more assistance on building, contact our sales team for a construction guide.


What’s included in the Hip Roof Carport kit?

The Hip Roof Carport kit fully includes all relevant components required to install your new carport. This consists of all roof sheets, ridge caps, flashings gutters and downpipes. Additionally, the kit includes all beams, rafters, and posts all of which can be supplied in colour or galvanized. you can also expect all fasteners and brackets to connect all your joins and connections. Click the button below for more information about what is included in the Hip roof carport kit.

Request a quote

Contact us for pricing and product information on our hip roof carport design. If you have a specific size you need, we can accommodate it; otherwise, you can choose from one of our standard size options. Get in touch for more information.