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Attached Carports

Buy high-quality carport kits that you can attach to your house from Allcover Carports.

Attached-Carport Kits by Allcover Carports

Carports that attach to your house.

Save space by removing unwanted columns and posts by attaching a carport to your house’s fascia.

We have the perfect solution if you are searching for a carport that you can attach to the facia of your house, a brick wall, or a shed. Using a receiver channel system to connect the roof sheets of the carport to your home is a simple, effective and robust attachment method.

Choose a roof design, and buy it as a kit.

You can choose from various carport designs, sizes, roof styles and attachment methods. You can attach your carport using a receiver channel system or a structural gutter which provides a box gutter-type set-up that will waterproof the gap between the carport and your house.

What makes the attached carport so simple?

Unlike the free-standing counterpart, the attached carport can be attached to the house’s fascia or roof through roof penetration jacking posts. This will give you the fly-over effect.

When constructing the attached carport kit with the fascia attachment method, you must understand that you cannot simply screw the carport beams to your fascia. It is not strong enough to hold the weight. You must ensure there is timber behind the steel fascia panel to screw into. You can take your fascia panel off or go in underneath through your soffit sheets under the roof’s eaves to install timber blocks. This can be tricky to understand correctly; you will receive detailed attachment drawings as part of your order.

Receiver Channel

The receive channel is a ‘”‘C’ or ‘U’ shaped steel section that will be as long as the roof you are building. This is the section you screw to the fascia of your house. From there, your roof sheets will sit in the receive channel, and you can screw them in accordingly.

What size can I get?

We can design to most sizes; we can design up -to a 6m span from the fascia to your outside column. Contact us to receive a customised quote, we will provide you with a list of sizes that may suit your requirements, or you can tell us the size you need, and we can provide you with some prices and design options and a quotation.

Attached-Carport Kits by Allcover Carports

What’s included in the attached carport kit?

Your carport kit will come with all Australian steel and be available in an entirely coloured structure, including beams, rafters, brackets and posts. We aim to provide everything you will need to complete your installation to a professional level. For more information on what’s included in our carport kits, please click the button below.

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Contact us and receive a free quote, drawings, and product specifications on your attached carport today; we look forward to helping you!